The Best Online Bingo For Canadian Players

If you’re a Bingo fan but have yet to play it online, you’ve been missing out! Some of the best online casinos in the world now make this age-old game available and we’ve sourced the best of them for you so you can start playing at once. 

Top Online Bingo Rooms 2022

Enjoy licensed, regulated online Bingo games at sites with a range of different variations safely and securely on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop whenever you’re in the mood to play. 

Types Of Bingo

Although you’ll be able to hold your own once you know the easy rules of gameplay, Bingo comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This means that you can always look forward to fresh content at our recommended Bingo sites and won’t be stuck playing the same thing day in and day out if you don’t want to.

90-Ball Bingo

This is probably the most common online Bingo variation and is the same version that you may have played at land-based venues. 90 balls go into the virtual pot before each game begins and you’ll purchase a card displaying 15 numbers. These will be arranged in three rows containing five numbers each. 

There are three ways to win 90-Ball Bingo games, with the first prize going to whoever manages to complete a single horizontal row. The next reward will go to whoever completes two of these and there will also be a payout for the player who matches all the numbers on their tickets. This is known as a Full House and is the biggest possible prize on offer at mobile casinos. 

If more than one player manages to do this in a single round at a Bingo site, the takings will be split between them.

80-Ball Bingo

We have online operators to thank for the 80-Ball Bingo variation and it has been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. In this version of online Bingo, you will need to create a specific pattern with your marked-off numbers. This will be detailed before the draw begins and you’ll be able to purchase cards featuring 16 numbers in a 4X4 grid. 

Potential winning combinations include getting all four corners, marking specific numbers off, creating horizontal lines, or ending up with a vertical row of numbers checked. The patterns for these games are always changing which adds a real sense of excitement when you play this type of Bingo for real money. 

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo games are also massively popular with online players, with Canadians especially enjoying this variant. Your focus in these is to mark off all your numbers, creating a Full House, but you may find that there are additional online Bingo prizes on offer as well. 

75-Ball Bingo cards feature 24 numbers in a 5X5 format with the middle square kept blank. Check for diagonal, horizontal, and vertical line prizes and enjoy a little extra variety with this game. 

30-Ball Bingo

One of the main drawcards for online Bingo games is that it’s so easy to just play a quick game in the few spare minutes you can find throughout your day. Because your time is probably very limited, online operators have created a short variant that packs a real punch but can be finished in just a few minutes!

There are only 30 balls in this pot, so you won’t have to wait around for very long for the big reveal. Cards feature nine numbers in a 3X3 grid and typically there will only be a payout for players who manage to get a Full House. 

Deal or No Deal Bingo

The iGaming arena allows game developers to really let their hair down and you’ll find many innovative takes on Bingo available via your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. Deal or No Deal Bingo is a great example of game creators having a little fun with this well-established game.

You’ll purchase cards featuring three rows of five numbers each and nine columns when you play this online Bingo game. Because the popular game show Deal or No Deal is the theme for this variation, you’ll get to select a numbered box before everything begins. Then you’ll need to complete a single line, two lines, a Full House, or opt for the Deal or No Deal feature. 

Winning this way requires you to choose the unknown prize contained in the box you selected at the start or settle for the jackpot on offer. This slight alteration in gameplay delivers a serious adrenaline rush and will keep you immersed in what’s going on right to the very end!

Fixed and Progressive Jackpot Bingo

When you explore some of the sites our experts have investigated, reviewed, and ended up recommending, you will come across a broad range of online Bingo games at the top CAD online casinos. Some of these offer the chance of winning a fixed amount of money and others have a Progressive Jackpot attached to the action. 

Progressive Jackpots are linked to how many players are taking part. Each time someone anywhere in the network joins the Bingo for real money game, a percentage of their wager is added to the pool and the total increases. Because of the incredible reach of online games, these prizes quickly skyrocket and you may see totals reaching dizzy heights before some lucky player takes the pot!

The Progressive Jackpot may not necessarily be awarded each time the online Bingo game is played, in which case the pool will continue to grow as more people purchase tickets. And you will also find Community Jackpots aplenty, where everyone who creates the required pattern, or who manages a Full House, gets the prize divided between them. 

How To Play Bingo

Bingo made a very smooth transition to the online world with callers being replaced by Random Number Generator software that ensures that numbers are called totally fairly and unpredictably. This is by far the most popular way to enjoy this game although developers are starting to debut variants that have live dealers headed up the fun as well.

Gameplay progresses exactly the same, however you end up playing. You’ll purchase a card, or multiple cards, featuring numbers according to which online Bingo variant you’ve elected to enjoy. These tickets will then be marked off automatically according to the RNG draw and you’ll be notified if you’ve managed to secure a win. Auto Daub software removes the chance of you missing out on a number on your card being called and so losing out on a prize. 

Before now, numbers were printed on balls, which is why the games are named the way they are. These days, everything is done electronically but the fun factor has remained the same! There are usually several ways to win a game and the social aspect of Bingo has been kept intact and is very popular with online slots players. You’ll be able to engage with people who enjoy the same gambling games you do in moderated chat rooms at our recommended Bingo casinos with ease and may find yourself making new friends soon!

Top Online Bingo Room 2022

River Belle
5.0 rating
  • User-friendly website
  • No shortage of games (slots, table and progressive) to try
  • Powered by Microgaming, a very reputable casino software provider
  • Twenty Years in the Business

Free Bingo VS Real Money Games

When you play online Bingo, you will find that free games are available almost everywhere. This is a wonderful way for you to try out an unfamiliar variant or practice your gameplay if you’re new to Bingo. This is a great way to get more comfortable with what’s required of you, but remember that your winnings aren’t real in free games. You can only win actual money if you’re wagering it!

Because real money casino games are so affordable at top Bingo casinos, playing them doesn’t have to break the bank. But every little bit adds up, so always play responsibly. As thrilling as it is to win, when you’re only ever betting money you can safely afford to lose, your satisfaction levels will go through the roof. 

Bingo Halls VS Online Access

It’s all about convenience when it comes to playing online Bingo. You don’t have to commute to a land-based hall and make sure you’re available at the hours someone else has set. Whenever you want to wager and play you can do so at the best online Bingo casinos using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop to safely and securely bet and win online. 

The Best Bingo Bonuses & Offers

Our experts scour the internet constantly to bring the biggest and best bonuses to our readers’ attention. Check in at our site as often as you can to stay abreast of promotions like Welcome Bonuses, Refer-a-Friend Offers, No Deposit Deals, Deposit Match Bonuses, High-Roller Promotions and more. It’s so much easier to put something back in your pocket when you’ve got the right special offer boosting your bankroll. The best online Bingo casinos always have players’ best interests at heart.

Top Online Bingo Room 2022

River Belle
5.0 rating
  • User-friendly website
  • No shortage of games (slots, table and progressive) to try
  • Powered by Microgaming, a very reputable casino software provider
  • Twenty Years in the Business

Companion Casino Games For Bingo

You’ll find that there’s a lot more than online Bingo to enjoy at the sites we recommend. You’ll frequently see an array of first-rate casino games on offer for players to enjoy from the very same site. Spin slots reels, beat the dealer to Blackjack, bet on where the ball ends up in Roulette, up the ante in Caribbean Stud Poker, and roll the bones in Craps games at the best online Bingo casinos.


Which Bingo sites are best?

Check at our recommended operators for the best free and Bingo for real money options.

Is Bingo truly random?

The sites we recommend have provably fair online Bingo games that are independently checked by third parties to ensure that outcomes are completely unpredictable.

Is Bingo just luck?

Yes. While there are things you can do to tip the odds in your favour, these come down to things like betting sensibly and managing your money.