Online Casino Bonuses Explained

There are a number of different Bonuses available at the various online casinos that offer their services to players in the virtual world. This means that there can be an undue amount of confusion, misunderstanding, and unnecessary stress if you don’t understand what each one offers, and what each one asks from you.

For instance, all Bonuses will have a playthrough requirement, which you will need to meet before you are able to cash out any winnings. You need to read the fine print in order to determine what these are, and make sure you know which games count towards this and which don’t.

The No Deposit Bonus: The Easiest of Them All

When you register for a real money account at the casino making this offer available, you will get the Bonus. You do not have to deposit money in order to receive it, and the cash will be automatically credited to your account.

The Magical Match Bonus

This is a Bonus that you will receive once you made a deposit at the online casino. They will match your deposit, usually with a certain percentage of the total amount of money you have made available.

For example, a casino could offer a 100% Match Bonus up to a limit of $200. This means that you will get 100% free money for a deposit you make up to a value of $200. So, depositing $200 will get you $400 to play with, but depositing $400 will only get you $200 extra, because that limit is in place.

The Fantastic Free Money Bonus

This is also a First Deposit Bonus, where you will be offered an amount of money on the house, but it doesn’t matter how much you put into your new casino account.

An example would be a casino offering $80 free for a minimum deposit of $20. That means that anything over $20 gets you an extra $80 –whether it is $20 or $200 doesn’t matter, the amount of money rewarded stays the same.

While this offer may initially seem low, work out what it would mean for you if you made only the minimum amount available, and take it from there.

The Satisfying Sticky Bonus

A Sticky Bonus is a Promotional Offer made by an online casino that allows you free money to play with, but does not let you withdraw the original amount. What this means is that the money you will be playing with is free, and once you have reached the Playthrough amount you will be able to hold on to anything that exceeds the initial Bonus amount. The Bonus money will simply not be available for removing when you withdraw your winnings.

Carefully Study Casino Bonuses and Win Big

Casinos will usually make very generous offers in terms of the Bonuses they provide, and savvy players can end up with really big bankrolls if they do their homework. Some casinos offer as much as $3000 in Bonuses alone, which means your playing is made that much more enjoyable, and lasts a lot longer than it would otherwise have been, and the payout ratios you enjoy will be that much better when you win!